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Kordon is a bright orange laminate that’s installed during the construction of your home to protect it from termites.

The Kordon Termite Management system is a physical barrier designed to prevent concealed termite access to new buildings.

The Kordon Termite Management system incorporates an approved termiticide and offers long term protection to new buildings. Kordon also acts as the moisture vapour membrane when installed as the termite and moisture membrane barrier in a complete under slab system.

Installers, home owners and the environment are also protected by this termite management system. Kordon is approved for use in council areas where the use of soil termiticide treatments have been prohibited.

Kordon Repellency

Termite ingress to buildings where Kordon has been installed will be deterred by the repellency of Kordon. This feature is unique to Kordon and has resulted in the products leading market position and 100% performance* for 14 years. * Bayer development trial results.


For The Builder
   .  Offers 2 in 1 application - Termite Barrier & Dampcourse
   .  Approved Ant Sheild in AS 3660.1 2000 for bearers and joist applications.
   .  Minimal disruption during the building program.
   .  Suited and adaptable to most building structures.
For The Home Owner
   .  ALTERM is "chemical free".
   .  Consumer warranty is provided.
   .  Independently Tested and proven effectiveness.

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The fine stone particles that form a natural, long- life termite barrier.

Safe and Lasting Protection from termites.

Termite Damage

Subterranean termite (white ant)damage is a significant concern throughout mainland Australia. Each year the cost of repairing termite affected timber amounts to tens of millions of dollars. Infestation in some areas is greater than one in five houses. As a result, the Building Code of Australia makes it compulsory to provide a termite barrier to protect structural timber in new buildings. To leave any timber or timber product unprotected is a real risk.

Developed with CSIRO

Granitgard has been developed in conjunction with the Forestry and Forest Products Division of CSIRO. Extensive laboratory work and field trials throughout have enabled the CSIRO to determine the precise specifications for the size,shape and composition of the stone barrier. Each batch of Granitgard is graded to these specifications to ensure impenetrability and tested for compliance in registered NATA laboratories.

How the Safe Solution Works

Granitgard is a natural, non- toxic graded stone. The Granitgard system offers long-life, non-toxic protection from termites. It uses durable materials to form tough termite barriers that provide a safe and effective alternative to the use of dangerous residual poisons or less sturdy physical barrier systems.

Easy Installation

Simple and fast termite barrier placement by licensed installers who offer quality service and understand how best to use Granitgard's unique flexibility to provide efficient protection for almost all buildings.

Whole of Home Protection

Granitgard provides a barrier to protect ALL timber products in the building. Granitgard offers a complete subterranean barrier system.

Low Cost

With a wide range of treatment options, a minimum of disruption on site, an insulative value and optional use as an underslab fill replacement Granitgard can suit any budget and provide real savings. Being a one-off cost Granitgard is an investment in the building that does not require expensive, on-going retreatments.


A comprehensive warranty covers ALL timber in the building for termite damage that is the result of either faulty installation or imperfect materials for up to ten years. Optional life-long insurance is also available.

Added Value

Granitgard is n investment that adds long term value to your new home.

Areas to Protect

Granitgard is placed around building perimeters, providing a flexible, long-life termite barrier for these highly vulnerable areas.

By surrounding each pipe with a collar of Granitgard, this common termite access point is blocked. The Granitgard remains flexible and allows for independent slab and pipe movement.

Construction Joints and Retaining Walls
These design features are not incorporated into all buildings but where they are termites often use them for access. Granitgard installers offer a number of approved treatment methods to protect these hidden areas.

Granitgard can also provide effective underfloor protection if required.


NATURAL - made from specifically graded and shaped stone particles.

SAFE - there are no toxic substances in Granitgard.

LONG LASTING - uses durable materials that will block termites for the life of the building.

ECONOMICAL - low initial price with no ongoing retreatment or inspection costs.

PROVEN EFFECTIVE - developed over ten years in conjunction with the CSIRO and used successfully in many thousands of buildings across Australia.

FULLY APPROVED - complies with Australian Standards, the Building Code of Australia (Nationally Accredited) and ABSAC.

GUARANTEED - comprehensive ten year warranty covers all timber in the building. Warranty protection is not dependent upon expensive annual inspections.


Underslab Injection Systems


It is a patented Reticulation System designed to effectively treat the area under concrete slabs, for protection against infestation by subterranean termites and around the external perimeter of structures to prevent termites entering from the outside of a building. Injection systems is installed prior to laying of the concrete slab for the internal system and externally after external work has been completed but prior to any concreting, paving etc. Chemicals are added after the concrete slab has dried and so does not expose occupants to chemicals.


Unlike any other system which uses pipes which have been perforated, the Injection systems uses flexible unperforated pipes, which have emitters fabricated into the pipe. Emitters the heart and soul of the system are fused into the pipe and these act as a back flow preventers, filters and are scientifically graduated to flow at the rate of 3.6 litres per hour. The Emitters are located every 175mm along the length of the ribbon, tape or pipe which is at least double the recommended minimum material needed to deliver and spread the chemicals. These emitters distribute chemical at a measured rate. This is of particular advantage in difficult areas such as clay sites, uneven sand pads, and step-downs. The termiticide is induced at low pressure, which combined with controlled rate emitters maintains an even distribution at all points along a pipe. Because of this "even flow" it is not necessary to balance each line in the system against other lines. Lines do not need to be of similar length. A requirement of other systems. A further benefit is that each line can be run for up to 50 metres, making it possible to treat the entire circumference of most residences from one pump up point.

  • emitters ensures no grit, roots from vegetation, or other form of intrusion will clog the pipe and render it ineffective.
  • the unique, patented difference is that the pipes are laid over a perforated plastic membrane, beneath the builder's membrane. In this way chemical is distributed evenly and reduces the risk of any area being untreated.
  • pipes are different, coloured purple to make them stand out on site, resistant to solvents, are high density for long life and to give them flexibility in undulating situations.
  • the pipe won't crush under the weight of concrete. It can't as it starts life off flat and is designed to be slightly elastic so that on filling it rounds up to about the size of a garden hose and then flattens again on release of fluids.

The heart of the Injection systems - The Emitter.


An Injection systems avoids the cost of expensive retreatment including drilling and retrenching which is necessary when the handspraying method is used, this is a process that may be repeated several times. It is simple and non intrusive to recharge an Injection systems . This adds up to a substantial nett saving in the long term and makes Injection systems a true investment, not a cost.

Drilling holes damages the builder's moisture resisting membrane and creates further access to Termites in the future. A preinstalled Injection systems means that this intrusion would be unnecessary. This is a substantial saving in costs and no intrusion by drilling or trenching.

This includes internal floor areas. External trenches may also be needed and paving lifted and in extreme cases concrete may need to be cut. This may cause costly damage to floor coverings and inconvenience to tenants or homeowner.

Spread over the 50 year life of a system the cost is less than $2.00 per week for a typical home. An Injection systems is the most cost effective insurance.


A condition of the Injection systems warranty is annual inspection with retreatment if required. The Australian standard 3660.1-2000 recommends that maintenance be carried out within 3 months of completion of the building and then not less than every twelve months thereafter. The primary purpose of the yearly inspection is to ensure breaches of the chemical barrier have not occurred. Injection systems are installed by Injection systems trained and accredited persons. The Pest Management company that is licensed to install Injection systems is responsible for installation and to use the chemicals injected according to the chemical supplier's label. As part of the yearly maintenance Injection systems licensees can offer the retreatment of the system on a more regular basis to ensure peace of mind. The service will be less expensive and less intrusive than a drill and trench treatment.


Our low-pressure system with flexible pipes, controlled rate emitters and plastic membrane uses the most recent technology which is far superior to other reticulation systems. Most Injection systems materials are made in Australia. We do not import cheap overseas pipe, as chemicals are specially blended for Anti-Termite irrigation.

Injection systems complies with the requirements of the Australian Standard 3660.1-2000 and the requirements of the building code of Australia. Laboratory work, field trails, engineering reports and computer simulations support these opinions. Injection systems are constantly re-appraising their system, and CSIRO opinions are updated frequently.

Engineer reports show that the flexible pipes bend but will not break if subjected to soil movement, a common problem in clay soils. The perforated plastic membrane will prevent excess addition of water to clay, and the Injection systems can use one fifth of the normal water used to deliver chemicals. (Water simply adds to clay movement). The emitters do not allow foreign materials in or out of the pipes.

Where a clay site has only a minimum sand bed due to supply constraints, Injection systems will still deliver chemicals evenly and effectively (subject to regular inspection and required maintenance by your licensed Pest control company in accordance with a warranty contract).


With a premium full under slab system and an external perimeter system every corner is protected.

Even a slab built to Australian Standard 2870 can crack enough to produce a 1.3mm opening. This is sufficient for subterranean termites to enter and disperse undetected.

There is a misconception that most attacks start on the outside of a construction. In fact many attacks are under the slab, and full protection is the best insurance.

Pipes are spread 300mm apart on perforated plastic sheet over the entire area of the slab. The Injection systems Premium system incorporates an Injection systems External perimeter treatment to provide the best possible protection. No other system contains this huge safety margin.


The Injection systems Internal Perimeter System covers both the internal perimeters of the building as well as service penetrations through the concrete slab.

This system can only be used when the slab is constructed in accordance with Australian Standard 2870. It consists of a 600mm wide perforated sheet with 2 dripper lines.

Any slab penetrations must also be linked to the system.


Perimeter systems will vary according to soil type and construction method, the Injection systems can be adapted to requirements.

There are two products which can be used to meet the requirements to provide a complete external barrier.

The two products are the 150mm wide perforated sheet with one dripper line and the 300mm unperforated sheet also with one dripper line. These two products can be used singularly or in combination.

Your accredited Injection systems installer can advise you on what best suits your situation.


The Underslab Injection System, when installed under a concrete house slab before construction, provides the necessary Termite Control. It also allows re-treatment access, which would otherwise be impossible (previously it would mean drilling the concrete floor).

This type of system is considered a "whole of life" system, meaning that your termite protection system can be replenished and will be effective over the life time of your house. As opposed to other systems (physical barriers), that may carry a 5 or 10 year warranty but cannot be replenished. Should termites enter your property where a physical barrier has been installed, then a chemical treatment may have to be applied and may involve the inconvenience of drilling through the slab throughout the house.

The Underslab Injection System is considered the most feasible of its type for the following reasons;

  1. It is made from heavy-duty polythene pipe, and is installed to follow the contour of the building site, without interfering with other building services.
  2. The pipe is chemical-resistant and will last the expected life of the building.
  3. The system is laid in individual pipe lengths of pipe, leaving no fittings under the slab to create vulnerable weak points.
  4. The pipe is strong, flexible and withstands the weight of the concrete.
  5. The finished job is fitted with the necessary filters, non-return valves & adequate child restraints.
  6. Termite control maintenance is simply a matter of connecting and injecting.
  7. This system has been installed in Australia for 18 years and there have been no failures of the system up to the present time.
  Above: topping up an under slab injection system.

If you are in the process of planning and building your new home, or you are a building contractor looking for a termite protection program that satisfy's all the relevant standards and one that will last the lifetime of the building, this is the solution for you.

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HomeGuard for Builders & Concreters

The Home Guard PTM system is consists of three components: HomeGuard TMB, HomeGuard DPC and HomeGuard Collars.

HomeGuard TMB

HomeGuard TMB

HomeGuard TMB complies with all requirements of Australian Standard AS2870 so can also double as a 0.2mm high impact moisture barrier.

HomeGuard DPC

HomeGuard DPC

HomeGuard DPC complies with all requirements of Australian Standards AS2870 as an approved 0.5mm Damp Proof Course, so no additional perimeter cavity needs to be installed.

HomeGuard Collars

HomeGuard Collars
Above Left: Homeguard Collars. Above Right: Homeguard Collars on plumbing.


HomeGuard Collars the first ever impregnated service penetration collars that simply lock into the slab, even if installed incorrectly.

The Collars are a unique patented design makeing them the only rigid penetration collar on the market that will Kill and Repel Termites as well as physically stop their entry into the building.

The collars come in various sizes to fit most penetrations in a home and all comply with the requirements of Australian Standard AS2870.


  • HomeGuard does not leech or diffuse, effectively locking in the active ingredient to enhance efficacy, longevity while remaining environmentally friendly and safe.
  • HomeGuard Kills, Repels and Physically restricts termites trying to enter the Home.
  • HomeGuard is sealed in permanently into your home so it can not be disturbed.
  • The active ingredient is distributed evenly throughout the HomeGuard giving you a full and continuous termite barrier.


HomeGuard has been extensively trialled before bring to the market place to make sure you are getting the best quality product.

It has also been registered by the APVMA (the first ever) and also holds CSIRO Building approval and is suitable for use in all states of Australia.

Homeguard on a wall

Homeguard around house

Homeguard on a perimeter

Homeguard on a perimeter

Homeguard on a perimeter

Homeguard surrounding a new slab.

Homeguard under a perimeter door frame.

HomeGuard GT registered for use with the HomeGuard Precision Termite Management system

HomeGuard GT

HomeGuard GT

FMC Australasia has advised the registration of HomeGuard GT, a specifically designed product to complement the existing HomeGuard Precision Termite Management components.

HomeGuard GT is a proactive 0.1% bifenthrin impregnated polymer bead that is poured into the cavity void during the construction phase.

When used in combination with a 110mm HomeGuard Blue cover strip, HomeGuard GT can be used to replace a HomeGuard Blue or HomeGuard DPC perimeter cavity installation making it an ideal product in situations when the frame has already been erected.

HomeGuard GT can also be used in salvage situations such as moving a service penetration.

“Until the release of this exciting product, installers were limited in their options when faced with salvage and corrective situations” says FMC specialty technical officer, Dugald North.

“HomeGuard GT will become an integral part of the HomeGuard system allowing installers to address those practical hurdles that always happen on site. I believe every installer should carry a bag of HomeGuard GT in their vehicles to sort out those unexpected situations” says Dugald.

HomeGuard GT is fully registered by the APVMA and will be available from the distribution in March. Like all quality HomeGuard products, HomeGuard GT forms a pro-active barrier system that will kill and repel attacking termites for the life of the building.

HomeGuard GT will not leach or degrade over time and is non scheduled making it user friendly. Each bag of HomeGuard GT weighs 15kg which is a lot lighter than some of the older passive granule barrier products.

There is no limit on the cavity width required making HomeGuard GT a versatile product to suit most situations. HomeGuard GT is ideal for filling conduit voids and small construction gaps that are common on a building site.

HomeGuard GT is yet another innovative addition to the HomeGuard System designed to give installers the tools to handle even tough installations.

A comprehensive installation manual is now available on the HomeGuard website.

Concrete Curing
Treatment to freshly poured concrete.




Term Seal

Recent Works
TERM-seal Physical Termite Barriers with NO costly re-treatment necessary Your home is one of the most valuable investments you will make in a lifetime. Although the termite proofing may not be as exciting as choosing the design of your new kitchen or the tiles for your bathroom it is far more important.
Please take the time to find out about termite activity in your area and suitable preventions.
Typical entry points for termites
  • TERM-seal systems are 100% Australian owned and made for Australian conditions
  • TERM-seal Termite Systems lock out Termites and moisture using, new and unique technologies to termite proof any type of construction.
  • TERM-seal products form a physical termite barrier containing a low level Bifenthrin (Pyrethroid Family) that are SAFE TO HUMANS BUT DEADLY TO TERMITES.
  • TERM-seal systems come with a 50 year of product warranty and, 20 year product warranty for Multi-Purpose System for use on back-filled walls and external joints.
  • TERM-seal range of products have been specially designed to come together to termite/water-proof any type of construction. We don't rely on the one product to do a job it may not be designed to do.
REMEMBER - Prevention is Better than Cure
Benefits - Qualities and Credentials
  • TERM-seal Perimeter and Penetration System now has a 50 year product warranty. Conditions apply (see below),
  • TERM-seal is Code-Mark Certified under a quality program
  • TERM-seal complies with standard AS 3660.1.2000
  • TERM-seal is approved as fully compliant with standard A.S./N.Z.S. 4347.6 Damp-Coursing
  • TERM-seal is multifunctional; can be used in all types of constructionTERM-seal provides a dual purpose termite and damp proofing solution
  • TERM-seal is installed by fully trained installers
* Term-seal product warranty is supplied to our accredited installers, in the event whereby termites breach the product, into the building.
We highly recommend your building/home/Termite systems be inspected as per AS3660 series, at least once annually or more frequently in some areas.
Ask your local installer for advice on the risk and management of risk in your area.