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Precise Pest Control only uses environmentally responsible pest control products. Safe for pregnant ladies, babies, children, asthmatics & pets.

We control:

  • Cockroaches
  • Ants
  • Silverfish
  • Fleas
  • Ticks
  • Spiders (Redbacks)
  • Possums
  • Bush Turkeys
  • Rabbits
  • Rats & Mice
  • Cat & Rat Trap Hire & Sales
  • Sentricon Termite Baiting Stations & Monitoring
  • Weeds, Clover & Bindis
  • Bed Bugs
  • Termites & Whiteants Treatments & Inspections
  • Bees & Wasps
  • Birds
  • Bird Lice
  • Weap Hole Stoppers
  • Flies
  • Tree care & surgery
  • Exterra termite baiting system
  • Concrete curing
  • Washroom care

Above: Weap Hole Stopper

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Fly Control

VECTOTHOR OSPREY is designed for kitchens, hotels, food production areas, offices, cafés, restaurants, shops and more.

Easy to service, stylish and effective the VECTOTHOR OSPREY features European design build standards.

Bird Barrier

Bird Barrier is Australia's leading manufacturer and supplier of pest bird control products. Homeowners, boat owners, building owners/managers, and Precise Pest Control can install bird deterrents that can solve your bird problems.

The Pests

Pidgeons, Sparrows, Starlings, Swallows, Seagulls, Indian Mynas, Cockatoos and more.

The Problems

Major Health risks
Damage to structure and inventory
Cost of clean up
Slip & fall hazard
Noise, mess and smell
Work stoppages
Negative company image and more


The "New" Ultra-Lo-Odour formulation in Biflex® Ultra combines the proven performance of Biflex® with the comfort of "No Smell" for all your external termite and insect pest treatments. Biflex ® Ultra-Lo-Odour is arguably the ultimate in EC formulations combining user and client comfort with the reliability and features you have come to expect from one of the worlds leading termiticides. Ask us about Biflex ® Ultra-Lo-Odour today.

Spiders Ultra Low Odour formulation
Wasps (Paper nest)

Unmatched Performance

Ants Does not move in the soil

Low Application Rate

Fleas Cost Effective

Easy to use

Subterranean termite


FMC's new Biflex Aqua provides professional pest controllers with all the benefits of Biflex in a water-based formulation that is practically odourless.

Registered for indoor and outdoor use, this revolutionary product offers unparalleled flexibility, user friendliness and superior internal/external termite and insect control.

Features Benefits
Nil odour Satisfied customers
Water based formulation Safe around the home
Non-sensitising Operator comfort
Long residual call backs Proven control =>less
Broad label Indoor /outdoor use
Developed by FMC High performance / quality product
Even Soil Distribution Confident Termite application


Bestox is a modern product of organic chemistry that is insect-specific yet environmentally friendly because it does not accumulate in the food chain, the soil, or waterways. When you apply Bestox deep into the cracks and crevices where insects breed, it will keep killing pests for many months. We don't need to spray it everywhere - you only need to put it where it counts. Therefore, Bestox is cost effective for you and your company. Bestox is manufactured as a water based formulation that is odourless and will not stain internal or external surfaces

Gel Baits

Gel Baits are now internationally accepted as them most effect and convenient way to control cockroaches. You don't need to empty cupboards.

Gel baits:

- can be applied without clearing the area and are put in out-of-the-way places.
- can kill entire populations as the active ingredient is transferred by contact and cannibalism.
- work by drawing cockroaches/ants out of hiding to control them.
- attract cockroaches more strongly than many other available foods.
- should be re-applied at regular intervals to check that the area reamins cockroach/ants-free

Rodent Biology

Rats and mice each have unique characteristics. By properly identifying the rodent species, you can select rodent control products and strategies appropriate for that particular species.

  Norway Rat Roof Rat House Mouse
Scientific Name: Rattus Norvegicus Rattus Rattus Mus Musculus
Colour: Brownish Red Dark Grey Black, Dusty Grey
Weight: 280-480g 95-340g 10-25g
head, body



Body: Thick body, blunt nose Thin body, pointed nose Small head & body
Sexual Maturity: 2-3 months 2-3 months 1 month
Gestation Period: 21-23 days 21-22 days 19-20 days
No. of Young: 7-12 (up to 18) per litter 5-10 per litter 4-6 (up to 12) per litter
No. of Litters: Avg. 6 per year Avg. 5-6 per year Avg. 11 per year
Diet: Meats, fish, grains, almost anything Fruits, vegetables, seeds, grains Grains, cereals, meats, fish etc
Daily Food: 28g food 28g food 2.8g food
Water Consumption: 28ml water 28ml water 1.5ml water
Length of Adult Life: 18 months 18 months 15-18 months
Faeces: Blunt ends Pointed ends Pointed ends
Nests: Burrows, 30-45 m from food & water Trees/Rooftops 30-45 m from food & water Corners 3-9 m from food and water


Stops Rodents before they come in!

Protecta Landscape, Bell's newest tamper-resistant bait station, is designed to easily blend with outdoor settings. Available in two realistic 'rock' colors, sandstone and granite, Protecta Landscape features a naturally textured surface for a realistic appearance.


  • Blends easily with surrounding landscape
  • Realistic Appearance
  • Made Heavy Duty
  • Locks when closed, opens with a standard key

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Kiltix Flea/Tick Collars for your best mate

Kiltix collars for provide fast acting, long term tick & flea control for dogs. 

Active Ingredient Flumethrin

The active ingredient, flumethrin , is a synthetic pyrethroid which is absorbed by the tick as it moves around the coat of your dog, causing over stimulation of the nerves of the tick leading to paralysis and death.

How does it work, Is it safe?
The fine powder released from the collar containing the active ingredient spreads over your dog's skin, using the natural movements of the dog to help spread the powder all over. The active ingredient is not absorbed systemically by your dog for it be effective. The total amount of active ingredient released from the collar is much lower than the levels that might be harmful to your pet. Even if eaten, levels of absorption from the plastic of the collar are insufficient to be harmful to the animal.

How Long?
The flumethrin in Kiltix will control brown dog ticks and bush ticks up to 5 months and help to control of paralysis ticks for 6 weeks. 

As with any tick control product it is still important to physically check your dog every day for ticks to avoid the risk of infestation.

The collar resists the effects of water. Experiments with dogs wearing the Kiltix collar have shown that parasites placed on animals, which had been completely wet, were destroyed. However, it is recommended that the collar be removed during swimming and bathing as frequent wetting will remove insecticide from the coat and may shorten the life of the collar.

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QuickBayt Fly Bait

QuickBayt ® Fly Bait is a powerful weapon in your battle to control nuisance flies. It starts killing flies in 60 seconds and lasts for four weeks. QuickBayt works like no other fly bait available today. And it's easy to apply. It comes in convenient five pound and 40 pound pails for livestock producers, as well as new disposable fly bait strips and ready-to-use 350g scatter bait designed for smaller farmers and horse owners bothered by houseflies.

Possum & Bush Turkey Traps

We are Licensed with Permits to trap and relocate possums and bush turkeys in QLD and NSW.

Termite Interception and Baiting System

House under attack from termites?
The Exterra Termite Interception and Baiting System is a systematic, multi-step termite management method. Australian field trials have clearly demonstrated the effectiveness of the system in controlling subterranean termites in Australia.

The first step in the Exterra Management program is a thorough inspection of your home by a fully accredited and licensed pest manager. Your Authorised Exterra Pest Manager will determine the nature of the threat to your property and recommend cultural changes you should make as well as determining optimal placement of Exterra Stations. Click here to find out more...